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Let’s not be Divided Any More by a President

In Brain Pickings, Maria Popova writes about the importance of words, not being silent, and using our words as one part of our action to protest. In her opening, she quotes the poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox who writes: “To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.” Popova goes on to illustrate the importance of using our words to advance social change and weaves in the writings of Mary Shelley. Popova references Shelley’s work Lodore and writes: “…(she) explored the actionable might of words in social change and the power of breaking silence in a tiny, potent fragment…(of the novel).” As President Trump labels protestors and social activists terrorists, I am struck by his insistence to use the power of his words to divide Americans. I think ALL of us need to stand up against his desire to divide us.  Whether we think of ourselves as conservatives, liberals, or independents we must use our voices to protest against the division of America by a President that will not stop his acerbic rhetoric. We should stand together, resist, and use our words to heal and bring all of us together in one cause, to heal the suffering faced by so many.  Let President Trump stand isolated and alone in his vision of a divided America.

In the words of someone who I admire immensely, Parker Palmer, let’s not be divided anymore.

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