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“That’s How the Light Gets In”

“There is a crack, a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.”  These words from Leonard Cohen’s song, Anthem, suggest the essential work each of us must do on our life’s journey.  If each of us is a “work in progress,” and we all have “cracks,” then our work is to identify and give voice to our cracks or imperfections.  It is through facing them that we become vulnerable, and it is through our vulnerability that we become open to others.  Being open to others allows us to have genuine, heartfelt conversations that help build community.  It is through the cracks that the light comes in.  It comes into our lives and then radiates out to others.  So many thinkers, writers, and educators speak these ideas through their writings and words.  Our job is to understand them and integrate them into our lives.  Leonard Cohen had a magical way of expressing these ideas in a powerful song.

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