5 times as many deaths by guns in the US vs. Italy

When will we act on gun violence in the United States instead of responding with grief and sadness. If I were in some way a victim I would not want the grief and sadness from any lawmaker who is unwilling to act on stricter laws controlling guns in the United States. Keep your grief or sadness it won’t help the next victim of gun violence.

People want action on gun control & gun safety. We lack courageous lawmakers who are willing to stand up for us. We have FIVE times more gun deaths in the US per 100,000 people than the next nearest country Italy (click here). Read Nicholas Kristoff’s article and ask yourself if we can wait any longer. Disgraceful that our lawmakers do nothing, but send their prayers each and every time, Republicans and Democrats. Where are our COURAGEOUS leaders, not in Congress?

My vote will only be cast for a politician who is willing to act on gun control in the United States. It will be the defining issue for me in the next election.

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