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Happiness: Enjoy the time you have!

There is an excellent series of six online articles in Harvard Business Review entitled, Poor and Unhappy.  In the first article, Time for Happiness written by Ashley Whillans, the author explores the relationship between being content with the time you have to one’s degree of happiness.  She writes:

Time poverty exists across all economic strata, and its effects are profound. Research shows that those who feel time-poor experience lower levels of happiness and higher levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. They experience less joy. They laugh less. They exercise less and are less healthy. Their productivity at work is diminished. They are more likely to get divorced. And in our analysis of the Gallup survey data, my team and I even found that time stress had a stronger negative effect on happiness than being unemployed did.

I found these six articles to be a refreshing way to evaluate the way I manage my time and the extent to which I leave time for reflection, refinement, and rejuvenation.  I would highly recommend this series.  Here are the six articles:

Can you identify the hidden time traps?

Why money manages us?

Don’t feel guilty about wanting your time back

Accounting for Time

Treat your Weekend Like a Vacation

Enjoy them and rescue your time so that you are not a victim of too little time.


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