recipe for success

Here might be one way to cook up a recipe for success that applies to any student in school.

  • student involvement their own grading and evaluation with accurate calibration on the part of the teacher.
  • make the learning targets (goals or intentions) clear to students so they know what to aim towards and make the targets clear in their own language.
  • teachers having high expectations for all students with a lens towards reasonable and developmentally appropriate.
  • teachers providing timely, specific, and actionable feedback for students
  • teachers allowing students to use the feedback on assessments to demonstrate that they have mastered the targets
  • teachers not averaging performances but allowing students to demonstrate growth and have the growth reflect their final outcome.
  • students learning in caring environments that focus on building their confidence and encouraging their commitment to authentic and challenging tasks

Do you have a recipe for success that includes different ingredients?  Share your recipe.  Maybe we need to put together a good cookbook of recipes for learning and not marketed it as one size fits all.