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If not now for #guncontrol, then when?

We have few choices remaining if we want to prevent the “next deadliest shooting in modern US history” from happening around the next corner.  The question isn’t if it will happen, but when will it happen?  Fifty-eight innocent Americans lost their lives to gun violence in less than an hour at the hands of someone who had an arsenal of weapons.  Another five hundred were injured, some as a result of the chaos that ensued.  How many lives are enough…20, 30, 50, or 500? Gun control may be one of our only remaining proactive and positive steps if we’re to get a handle on the challenges of out-of-control, angry, and disenfranchised people.  Along with gun control, more widely available an effective mental health initiatives for Americans in need could help people control their anger, frustrations, and emotional challenges.  We must stop ostracizing mental health support in our society.  We rarely talk about the value of getting mental health support as one part of living a fulfilling life.

The Washington Post published an article, There are now more guns than people in the US.  More guns in circulation than people is an outrage.  Do we really value guns more than human lives?   

In One Year on Average (all ages)

114,994 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, or by police intervention.  Brady Campaign

We may be only country on earth to have an “out-of-control problem” that we are afraid to fix.  We seem to lack the will.  Now is the time to regain our senses and address the gun problem in America.  Do we have the courage?  It has to start with us! Let’s elect politicians who are not afraid to act.  Our family, neighbors, and fellow citizens depend on us acting together…one voice!

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