Tinker Space.LS.#1Lauri Jones and Julia Myrick, Westminster Lower School art and design thinking teachers, are presenting at the Innovative Learning Conference at Nueva School in California.  Julia and Lauri are members of a team of teachers that built a robust and innovative design thinking program in our Lower School.  We introduced our program about 5-6 years ago and have been perfecting it ever since.  All pre-1st through 5th grade students have design thinking built into their curriculum.  In addition, design thinking and makerspace time is integrated into some of the project-based learning units designed by classroom teachers.  Check out innovation at Westminster (click here).  Both of Julia and Lauri have engaged in professional development on the Reggio Emilia philosophy for educating our young children.  Our pre-1st program is a Reggio Emilia inspired program that includes integration of design thinking.   You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram at: @CuriosityCats_W (Twitter) and curiositycats_westminster (Instagram).
The title and abstract for their presentation at the Innovation Learning Conference is:

Design Thinking and the Reggio Emilia Approach: Finding the Sweet Spot for Supporting Young Innovators

How do the mindsets and methodologies of Design Thinking and the Maker Movement intersect with the philosophy of the Reggio Approach, and how can those connections support young innovators? In this workshop, co-presenters Julia Myrick and Lauri Jones will share a series of student experiences that highlight possibilities for this blended approach. Join us in a conversation about how these three approaches combine to impact our students’ capacity for critical creativity.

If you want more information about our Westminster program contact Julia or Lauri at: