Build #trust to manage resistance

One of the salient needs of all human beings is to be in the company of other people.  But it’s more than merely being in the presence of others.  We crave to be in trusting relationships in which our needs and desires are recognized and appreciated.  I think we crave this almost as much as we crave food and shelter.  So when we are faced with resistance at work, in our families or with our friends, we should consider whether we have put enough energy into nurturing trusting relationships. Each of us carries that responsibility.  It’s a two-way street.   Here are some thoughts about what we can do to promote trust with others:

  1. Lead by example
  2. Open communication
  3. Empathize with others and get to know them
  4. Try not to place blame
  5. Be willing to confront trust issues
  6. Be willing to grant the benefit of the doubt
  7. Practice deep listening
  8. Suspend judgment and quiet the critical mind

There are probably other things you could add to this list.  Nevertheless, the most important one would be to lead by example.  If we believe that building trust in a community diminishes resistance, then it is our responsibility to model the characteristics of a trusting person.  As a leader, if we want to build trust on our team then we have to model all the qualities of someone who is trustworthy.  The time has come to look in the mirror and learn.

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