Why we all need a #coach in our work?

Atul Gawande has written about the importance of adding a coach in his practice of surgery.  He speaks and writes about how the coach accelerated his learning in a number of dimensions of his practice, helping him to become a better surgeon.  Here is a short video clip that illustrates his rationale for why coaching was game-changing in his work.

His highly acclaimed New Yorker article, Personal Best, illustrates in more detail why he believes coaching is important for professional growth.

In education, there are two important educators who advance a coaching model for teachers, Jim Knight and Eleana Aguilar.  Each of them offers workshops, articles and books on the importance of coaching in improving teaching practice.

Do you have a coach?  It might be someone you call a mentor.  How does your coach or mentor help you think about your effectiveness in your role?  Do you ask for specific feedback and use it to reflect on your performance, making adjustments as needed?

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