Beauty: words of wisdom from a Nobel physicist

Frank Wilczek, a Nobel physicist, was interviewed by Krista Tippett as part of her program, On Being.  What does a physicist know about beauty?  In the interview, Why is the World so Beautiful, Wilczek uncovers a very personal, professional, and insightful perspective on beauty as a threshold concept.  This piece will help you understand beauty through the lens of a scientist, but also understand beauty as an ideal that is more central to the human experience.  

If your school is interested in #STEAM education, you will find that Wilczek provides clarity around an integrated studies approach to “knowing.” I think he illustrates a pathway for how beauty could be used as a unifying theme to design an integrated approach learning.

I hope you enjoy listening to Wilczek express a different way of thinking about beauty.  How can we help our students develop associative thinking skills that lead them to be “Wilczek-type” thinkers?

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