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It begins with a word and evolves into an artistic and personal narrative.

Two Westminster art teachers, Kim Blodgett and Walter DuPriest, start their 8th grade students on a journey that begins with a word.  Students choose a word that has meaning to them at this point in their lives.   They start off with a few instructions on the materials to use (blue tape) and where to start, and then set off on a journey that inspires them to develop their artistic narrative of the word they selected.  In the process of constructing their narrative they learn a great deal about themselves.  Maybe the most important outcome of this project is the self-discovery that comes from reflecting on a word and building a personal narrative.  Below are some of the words and images of their artistic expressions.  Since the narrative evolves, the images capture a moment in time.



At the Center for Teaching, we encourage teachers to take risks in the design of their curriculum and instruction.  In taking a risk, the learning environment becomes a laboratory for exploring how to engage students in relevant and meaningful work.  Kim and Walter have taken a risk that benefits student learning about art and themselves.

For more information about this project, contact Kim or Walter below.


Westminster Schools’ Middle School academic program

Kim Blodgett, Art Teacher,

Walter DuPriest, Art Teacher,


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