Teaching towards EQ is as important as teaching to IQ!

Two interesting videos with Daniel Goleman about his work on Emotional Intelligence.  The first one is an interview.  The second is a talk he gave at an Empathy and Compassion Society conference in 2013.

In the first video, he references the five skills people need to develop, to expand their emotional intelligence.

  • self-awareness
  • managing your emotions
  • motivation…working towards your goals
  • empathy
  • social skills…how well can you handle relationships

He points out that emotional intelligence is not “one thing.”  It is a profile comprised of the strengths and weaknesses we exhibit in the five skills listed above.

In his talk at the Empathy and Compassion in Society conference, he references an “invisible” brain-to-brain circuitry that makes emotions contagious.  He refers to this brain-to-brain circuitry as being important in our understanding of how teams function and how leaders forge a culture of collaboration.  If a team leader is joyful and excited about his or her work, the leader’s emotions can powerfully influence the rest of the team.  How we manage our emotions at work is critical!  See what you think about Goleman’s thougths regarding the emotional intelligence needed for being an effective leader.

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