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How to fall in love with life!

If you want to be humbled, inspired, and mesmerized by a poetic story of love and devotion you must watch Kitra Cahana’sMy father, locked in his body but soaring free.  She is an artist who works in photography, text and video.  As a freelance documentary photographer and videographer, she loves to embed herself into communities to gain empathy with the people she studies.  Look at her work, but more importantly listen to her story about her father.  It set my head spinning about the importance of relationships, devotion, and the creative experience.  Kitra demonstrates the power of what can happen if we don’t give up on those we care for.  In addition, it tells the story of her father who never gave up, even when faced with insurmountable odds.

Here are some of her father’s words while struggling to gain control of his body:

There are many when low, who stop growing.  Last week, I was brought so low, but I felt the hand of my father around me, and my father brought me back.

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