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#AK12DC entering Phase II of the project

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This was one of the first posts we shared on Google + to begin Phase I of Atlanta K12 Design Challenge (AK12DC).

We are now beginning Phase II of our project with eleven Atlanta-area schools, five public Fulton County schools and six independent schools.  Each school has assembled a design team of 5-7 faculty members.  Scott Sanchez, a Stanford faculty member, is our global facilitator who oversees a team of four leaders, six mentors, and eleven design team facilitators.

On our website at you will find the stories of each school’s journey to uncover a prototype that addressed their design challenge.  In Phase II, the eleven school’s design teams will continue to use design thinking as a process to gather more empathy and solve for their design challenge.

We have secured funding from local foundations to support our work.  In addition, one of the foundations has hired an evaluator to work with our teams throughout Phase II so we can validate the work and uncover what impact it is having on a school’s ability to innovate its practice using design thinking.

Follow our website as the journey continues.




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