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@ATLMakerFaire, @Westminsteratl and @DrewCharter Rock the House!

Today was the second day of Atlanta’s Maker Faire, held in downtown Decatur.   You can follow Atlanta Maker Faire on Twitter at @atlmakerfaire.  Here is a list (click here) of all the “makers” who participated in the two-day faire.  Two of the participants were represented by students and teachers from Drew Charter School and The Westminster Schools.  Drew’s team was prepared to have lots of excited children and adults make scribble bots (click here).  Drew’s version of a scribble bot allowed for lots of creativity on the part of the maker.  Loved seeing the young children being mentored by Drew students.  The students designed the tent’s activity, ordered the supplies, and taught the exercise to the excitement of onlookers.  Great day for Drew Charter!

The Westminster School team had a building activity centered on their unique design of a wind tunnel.  I over heard a maker talking about another wind tunnel exhibit at the faire.  This person said Westminster’s was far more interesting.  The design thinking teachers at Westminster, along with students, and other Westminster volunteers staffed their tent for the two-day experience.  Lots of participants experimented with designs for the best aerodynamic flying object.  Some of the youngest participants had some of the best and most successful designs.  Lots of fun was had by all.  Great day for The Westminster Schools.  Here is a link to Westminster’s maker faire project (click here).

This was a creative day for parents and children in Atlanta.

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