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Ideas from TED provide #inspiration for #STEAM

During this past week, I watched a series of TED talks seemingly unrelated to one another.  Only to discover that they all had connections to the thinking I have been doing about STEAM curriculum in K-12 schools.

Schools are now embarking on a journey to define themselves as “STEAM schools” or schools interested in designing STEAM activities connected to their curriculum.  One question educators might ask themselves: why go down this path?  One reason is that when projects, activities or curriculum are designed to illuminate for students the intersection of “ways of thinking” in science, technology, engineering, art and math, they can inspire students to deeply engage in learning.  Another reason is that creative people in the “work world” are exploring the intersection of these disciplines, designing innovative solutions to complex problems or creating wonderful pieces of art that entertain or arouse our curiosity.

Each of the innovators below explores the boundaries of the STEAM disciplines, paying close attention to where they can find connections that allow them to answer their driving question.

If you are interested in STEAM integration for your school, watch this set of talks for inspiration.  I think they provide justification for moving forward with designing STEAM curriculum in K-12 schools, especially if we want to graduate students who are as innovative as these four folks.




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