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Where does #dance come into this story of #innovation? A surprising ending!

Hugh Herr, an MIT professor and avid rock climber, lost his legs in 1982 as a result of frostbite from a rock climbing accident.  He is leading the effort to revolutionize bionic limb prototypes so that we no longer think about people who have lost limbs as being disabled.  His goal is to eradicate the idea that people who face challenging physical issues should be labelled as “disabled.”  Disabled is a result of technology that has yet to catch up to the needs humans have to realize their full potential.  In the first few minutes of his talk, I quickly realized that someone without the use of both “natural” legs could go places and do things that I could only dream of doing.  Amazing is the only word that comes to mind as I watched his innovative vision unfold.

While the first part of Dr. Herr’s talk is captivating and inspiring, I wondered where does the “dance” part of his talk’s title come into play.  Well, it’s the ending that tells the whole story.  If you are easily brought to tears then wait until the ending.  I am not easily brought to tears, but yesterday afternoon I was.  Enjoy his story, no doubt you will love the ending.


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