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#innovation in #education: Does this Infographic capture a plan?

I came across this infographic on Teach, Create, Innovate, an education blog site (click here for the site).  The author, A.J. Juliani, reflects on education and learning.  I thought this post was quite interesting.  While his ideas are not necessary brand new, he uses the infographic (click on infographic below or go to his blog site) in interesting ways to present the ideas.  I also liked the way he groups his ideas into four categories: (1) allow for; (2) make time for; (3) support; and (4) praise and assess.  What do you think of the basic premise or framework for innovation in the classroom?  Think of instructional strategies, asking effective questions, and becoming a more reflective teacher.  Does his framework represent a way of thinking about innovation in the classroom?  Thoughts?


2 comments on “#innovation in #education: Does this Infographic capture a plan?

  1. Thanks for sharing Robert!


    • I really liked your post. I sent the infographic to a cohort of teachers I am working with as a prompt for our next meeting. What do they think of the framework as a way to improve our teaching? A prompt I sent them. Hope for an interesting conversation. We are working on learning and using different instructional strategies to improve classroom learning. I think your graphic will bring a few ideas together. Thanks!


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