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A Year for the Heart


I am starting to sense a routine emerge as I forge ahead these first almost two weeks of school.  I am totally in love and in awe of my students, and I am inspired by them daily, truly beyond belief.  They are all kind, curious, and funny.  And a few have already taught me more than I could possibly teach them.  My student who has Cerebral Palsy has taught me about the power of a seeking mind, the joy of simple gifts, and the rewards of physical perseverance.  My student who is undergoing chemo has modeled courage, hope, self-love, and a generosity of spirit unmatched.  I could go on, as they are all wonderful, but I know you all get that.

I am, however, missing the space and windows for reflection that nourished me over the summer.  My summer reading and listening, (Wonder, Out of My Mind, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, Ishmael, and Parker Palmer) all reminded me that I am a person who needs to connect, reflect, and ponder.  I am most fulfilled and energized by matters of the heart, and matters that are common to our human experience.  I spent time with people this summer who were passionate about life and passionate about devoting their lives to positive change.  Deadlines and duties rob me of the peace of mind that comes with ample head time and coveted heart time.

With this in mind, I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and engaging in the conversations that I found so energizing and enlightening within my faculty cohort group.  I thought the Leonardo book (written by Michael Gelb) was the perfect summer read, and a reminder for each of us to examine our own human potential with the intentionality and degree that we consider our students’ growth and potential.

Guest Post by Ann Tedesco, 2nd Grade Teacher

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