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This is a great place to work!

I like my job!
I like my job!

In their book, The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, James Kouza and Barry Posner devote a chapter to an important task that every leader has to accomplish, enlisting others.  In this chapter, they reference the work of Michael Burchell and Jennifer Robin of the Great Places to Work Institute.  They quote from their report:

when we ask employees in great workplaces to describe what it is like to work there, they begin to smile and talk about how they are excited to get to work, and then, at the end of the day, are surprised to discover that the day has already disappeared….They share their belief that what they do matters in the organization–that their team or the organization would be less successful it it weren’t for their efforts.

Does this sound like the place where you work?  If so, then count yourself as a fortunate person who needs to cherish what you have.  If it doesn’t, what can you do to help change the culture of where you work so that it can become a place that when you’re approached by someone and asked, do you enjoy your workplace, you can respond with a smile on your face.

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