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STEAM: Art at Drew Charter School in Atlanta

Drew Charter School is a STEAM school, STEM with an A for Art.  Their academic program focuses on the five core disciplines, but with a significant emphasis on art.  The art program is both a stand-alone program, as well as a program that is integrated into other disciplines.  The School partners with Georgia State School of Music to offer students a diverse and interesting program in music, with instruction  in instrumental music, as well as instruction in using Garage Band with iPads.  In addition, the school supports a new and growing program in engineering and design.  They have a dedicated teacher, Courtney Bryant, who works with K-8 students using a design-thinking protocol to help students under design principles and implement those principles in engaging projects.  Finally, Drew has a strong partnership with Georgia Tech’s CEISMC, Center for Education Integrating Science, Math, and Computing, as well as Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture.  This partnership is invested in helping Drew build a strong robotics program and collaborate with Georgia State on the technical side of music integration into the curriculum.

The slides below come from the school’s recent art show, displaying student artwork, as well as engineering and design projects.

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