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NAIS: Mind Mapping at the Conference

During the NAIS Annual Conference 2012 (Innovate, Imagine, Invent, Inspire, Dream) artists were recording the thoughts and actions of the speakers through a colorful, playful and visual media.  Below are pictures of some of the artistic mind maps they captured.  I wish NAIS would have captured or shared these in the sessions as they were being conceived in real-time.  Watching the artists create while listening to the speaker would have been a way to stimulate participants’ imagination.  It seems like NAIS is trying to mimic the RSA animation technique which is powerful because you see what is happening in the artist’s mind as the story unfolds.  Nevertheless, these images are quite interesting.  I hope the quality comes through well enough (PLEASE go to FULL SCREEN).

2 comments on “NAIS: Mind Mapping at the Conference

  1. Bob,
    These are great—do you have higher resolution photos where the small text is readable?


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