Shilo Shiv Suleman, Using Technology to Enable Dreaming, is a wonderful TED talk about how she uses an IPad to make dreams come true.  Watch her inspiring talk and demonstration.

Ms. Shiv Suleman says:

Technology should enable magic not kill it.

As a book illustrator for many years, she creates an interactive IPad storytelling platform.   Her creation, Khoya, is an interactive storytelling platform that allows the reader to become part of the story.  She uses many of the applications built into the IPad, like GPS, to allow the reader to be part of the story.  Readers use the camera to capture photos and integrate them into the story.  These photos are then part of the social networking application that is integrated into the story, so students from around the world can share their experiences.  Fascinating creation on her part with beautiful illustrations and music.  I would think students’ imagination would be captivated by her work.

I wonder how her creation could be used in a school’s curriculum.

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