Scientific American’s 10 World Changing Ideas

In the December issue of Scientific American, we were presented with 10 World Changing Ideas that will transform how we live.  While these innovations or “simple ideas” are not being widely used, they are being developed and will impact our lives in the near future.

Here is the list:

  • Medicine, The Forever Health Monitor, an app and device for a smartphone.
  • Computing: A chip that thinks like a brain, a neural computer.
  • Money: The Wallet in your Skin, buying lunch in school will involve no cards or cash.
  • Computing: Computers that don’t Freeze Up, the self-aware computer.
  • Money: Currency without Borders, the world’s first digital currency.
  • Materials: Microbe Miners, bacteria that will clean up our messes.
  • Agriculture: Crops that don’t need Replanting, year-round crops.
  • Energy: Liquid fuel for Electric Cars, the future of flow batteries.
  • Medicine: Nano-size Germ Killers, little surgical knives that kill bacteria.
  • Technology: A machine that predicts the future.

While you can’t go on Amazon.com to buy any of these today, the opportunity is just around the corner. 



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