Inspiration Comes in Many Packages: Amy Purdy’s Talk is One Beautiful Package

What a beautiful TED Talk by Amy Purdy about her journey from a 2% chance of living to a life of fulfillment!  After suffering from a severe bout of bacterial meningitis that resulted in her losing both legs, her spleen and her kidneys.  But she survived and has thrived.

She asks some compelling questions about what it means to be dedicated and committed to changing one’s life.

She moves from a broken state to a healthy state, by learning to let go of the past and challenging herself to see her life through a new lens.

If my life were a book and I were an author, how would I want this story to go?

She imagines her life in new ways instead of feeling sorry for herself,

Borders and obstacles can only do two things: (1) stop us in our tracks; or (2) force us to get creative.

From this lesson, she,

  • designed and created her own legs
  • started snowboarding again
  • went back to work and school
  • co-founded a non-profit organization to support young people with physical disabilities so they could get involved in action sports
  • won two back-to-back World Cup gold metals.

Her are some more wonderful quotes from Amy’s talk.

Our imaginations can be used as tools for breaking through borders.

Believing in our dreams and facing our fears head on that allows us to live our lives beyond our limits.

Innovation has only been possible because of my borders.  I have learned that borders are where the actual ends but also were the imagination and stories begin.

Let’s not look at our challenges and limitations as something negative or bad but as blesses that allows us to go further than we thought we could go.

She talks about pushing off of our borders and seeing what it brings us or challenges us to do.  Amy has learned a great deal from her life-changing encounter, but she has made it into something so precious and lasting.

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