Project-based learning

Project-based Learning at the CFT Summer Institute

This summer the CFT is hosting a series of workshops organized by a variety of teachers from Westminster, Drew Charter, and other organizations.  One of the 2-day workshops being organized is PBL: Let’s Build Something Together, run by Bo Adams and Jill Gough.  Bo and Jill have been collaborating for many years on helping the Junior High School at The Westminster Schools become a professional learning community.  In addition, they developed a semester course for 8th grade students, Synergy, that uses the principles of project-based learning.  The workshop uses ideas they developed for their Synergy course adapted to a community of 12 teachers who are interested in learning more about PBL.

The attached video shows a small group of teachers explaining an idea they are working on that came from a brainstorming exercise in the first morning of the workshop.

If you are interested in more of their work, follow Bo at It’s About Learning, or Jill at Experiments in Learning by Doing.

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