The DNA of Learning

In my post, What is Understanding, I propose at least five components that a classroom needs for students to achieve deeper understanding of the content. I would argue that unless we (educators) rethink our content-driven approach to teaching we will be unable to move beyond the simple “remembering” that happens for quizzes and tests, but is quickly forgotten.

When I reflected on the post in more detail, I felt it was important to share an classroom example. What came to mind as an example of a classroom where these five components are operating is an Edutopia video from a biology class at High Tech High in San Diego, CA. Watch the video below, listen to the teacher (Jay Vavra) describe his goals, and listen to the students’ voices about what this class means to them.

Teens Tackle Animal Poaching through Genetics

What do you think? What would it take to create these types of classrooms for students in the 21st Century? I would love to hear from you and learn about other examples of where this is happening around the country.

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