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Overview of 21st Century Summit-Solution Tree, IL, 2010

After returning from the 21st Century Summit sponsored by Solution Tree, a small subgroup of the Drew and Westminster cohort that attended the summit put together the following set of slides (Google Docs) that will hopefully give you an overview of the material presented by the ten keynotes. While it is difficult to capture all that a presenter shared in their talk, we hope each slide tells a short story of their perspective.

Some of the slides have links to other websites that were referenced by the presenter. I think the best way to explore the summary is to go through each slide, navigate through links, and then reflect on the themes or major ideas you notice.


One of the questions that comes up in the conversation around 21st Century teaching and learning, what are the 21st Century Skills that students need to learn? In the Ken Kay slide, he shows the 4 Cs that he advocates get married with the 3 Rs. The P21 framework from the Partnership on 21st Century Skills identifies the skills students need to learn, as well as the content or 21st Century themes. Robin Fogarty and Brian Pete share what they see as the 7 Cs, or the essential skills students must learn for the 21st Century. The link below is for a table that shows a compilation and comparison of the 21st Century skills advocated by four major thinkers (groups) in this work.

Comparison of 21st Century Skills

Share your comments and reflections about the summit overview, as well as your thoughts about those skills identified as “21st Century skills.” What do you do to teach these students these skills in your classroom?

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